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Here’s how every department happy hour ends: “they’re bringing boxes. Take food! There’s so much food! Why are you taking only one box?!?! Take more. We paid for it. They’re just going to throw it out!” I actually apologized for going to a conference tomorrow because I couldn’t take more food.

‘A more qualified pool than ever before’ // The Observer

Does it make me an old alum if I say “I’m not sure I’d even be admitted now.”?

All hell is breaking loose because I asked if my room assignment was final for next fall.

Pre-registration the time and location of the course I’m teaching next fall kept changing. Now it’s located in a basement auditorium of some random building. I asked now that registration is open if this was set because I’ll need to adapt a bunch of things to be in this setting. Apparently it’s unacceptable that the class was scheduled for this room in the first place, but all the other rooms are booked and registration is open they don’t really want to change the time. (I’m cc’ed on an email chain of very frustrated people)….sorry, I just wanted to know my room.

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